Төсөл, хөтөлбөрүүд




Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia




Structure and action


Name of the project:

Involving Children between 0 and 3 years

in Early Detection for Disability



Implementing agency:


Department of Early Detection and Intervention ,

National Rehabilitation and Development Center



Project team

Project Leader:

   Professor Bold Sharav, MD, Ph.D, Sc.D

Project Adviser:

   Narantuya Bayarmagnai MD, MS (Med)

Project members:

   1. Togtokhbayar Jigjid MD, MS (Med)

   2. Batdulam T. MD, MS (Med)

   3. Tumur-Ochir Ch. MD

   4. Unuzul J. MD

   5. Uyanga E. MD

   6. Member from MPDSP


Funding agency:

Korea Disabled People's Development Institute (KODDI)


Rationale of the project:

Based on “Ministerial Declaration on the Asian and Pacific Decade of Persons with Disabilities, 2013-2022” and Goal 5, target 5A of Incheon Strategy to “Make the Right Real” for Persons with Disabilities in Asia and the Pacific, there is need of early detection of development delay among children ages from birth to 3 years of age, and of maintaining their normal growth and development by taking appropriate measures.


Purpose of the project:

To detect disability and developmental delay in early stages, to provide rehabilitation support and services and to take prevention measures.


Objectives of the project:



Expected outcomes

Family Support

1. To elaborate the method of early detection, then a screening by using checklists among target groups. Target group indicates 9 districts of Ulaanbaatar and 21 aimags.



2. To write handbook on Individualized Family Service Plan



3. To develop and provide specific program (Developmental Delay: An Information Guide for Parents) for the parents who have children with disabilities.


4. To write and publish Prevention of developmental delays/disabilities (Handbook)

1. The participating method for early detection of children between 0 and 3 years of age is elaborated

(Research on the development of checklist, early intervention and training program)


2. Enforcement and improvement of family support capability


3. Improvement in early detection of disability in the target group, children ages from birth to 3 years.



4. Improvement in prevention measures of child being born with developmental delay and disability and enrichment in the knowledge of disorder which leads to developmental delay.



5. To develop English-Mongolian, Mongolian-English term glossary of early detection and intervention



6. To develop and assess societal awareness program for people with disabilities

7. Training

     7.1. To formulate a training program for children with disability and developmental delay and their families.






7.2. To formulate a training program for nurses and doctors.


5. English-Mongolian, Mongolian-English term glossary for early detection will be published (including 100 entries)


6. Increase in societal interest in a larger scale



7.1. Training will be organized on what developmental delay is, responsibilities and rights of the parents and where, whom they should conatct and seek help. /1day-8hours/. Improvement in the participation and support of the family members 


7.2. Training will be organized for family doctors and nurses on disorders which lead to developmental delay and disability, early detection methods and what care to provide. /2 days-16 hours/

Improvement in early detection and knowledge enhancement of developmental delay prevention of family and soum doctors and nurses providing primary health care.


Principles of the project:

Guiding principle of the Project:


  1. Checklists and research for early detection for disabilities among children ages 0-3 should be based on medical evidence;


  1. The customer’s right and ethic should be followed.


Target group 

   1. Infant :

a) Infant (from birth to 1 month);

b) Infant (1 month to 12 months);

   2.  Toddler:

(1-3 years);


Duration of  project:




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